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Rose, Mary and their Friend Whiskey 
Housemade rosemary and cider syrup, Rye Whiskey and lemon…  

New Year/New You
This cocktail’s resolution is to be delicious way beyond the season. Made with Bombay Gin, house made Prosecco Syrup and Campari.

Fountain of Youth
The secret to life is balance. Here we combined healthy herbal selections like hibiscus flowers and Earl Grey Tea and in the spirit of creating balance – we added bourbon.

Bee’s Knees
They say you catch more bees with honey. In this cocktail our house-made Honey Syrup caught a little Bombay Gin to create one delicious beverage.

To Be Determined “TBD”
We honestly didn’t know what to call this drink. It’s good. You will like it. The TBD is made with Makers Mark Whiskey, allspice dram, lime and for dash of color we float red wine.

Before and After
Simply good before and after the holidays. This family-friendly cocktail is made with Rum, lime, egg white, house made cinnabark syrup and liquor 43.